Thursday, August 16, 2012

Prop Up Your Feet and Sneak a Peek!

I may have gotten carried away at the TpT sale.  :)  Seriously!  I filled my cart to the brim, and I am so glad I did!  I am SO ready for the school year to start, and I am excited about having a few more resources at my fingertips.  I LOVE adapting really cute ideas and pumping up the rigor to make them appropriate for third grade.  My students are still little... they still like to have fun... and there IS a way to have rigor, relevance, and cuteness present in your classroom... even once you transition into the intermediate grades.  (Now, I'm getting off of my soap box!)  Prepare for the RUN-DOWN of my favorite purchases!

I snagged Natalie Kay's Common Core Galore Checklist for Third Grade... even though I am technically just getting my feet wet this year.  We won't be teaching under the Common Core until next school-year, but I want to weave in as many standards as I can anyway!  This is a great resource to add to your lesson plan binder!

Okay, and who doesn't love a little bit of Amy Lemons in their life!  I cannot wait to use her Back to School Literacy Centers with my kiddos for a little review action!  Between these centers and my back to school centers, I think I'm SET for B2S! (As you can tell, I've already started putting some of the centers together.  I'm not 100% done yet though!)

Also, since we kick off the year with economics and since we already have a school monetary system/school store, I couldn't resist picking up Hope King's Economoney unit.  :)  I plan on using bits and pieces this year.  This is a great file!

I am super excited about Abby's Spelling for All Seasons packet too!  I love how simple the craftivities are... because we seriously don't have much time for that in a third grade departmentalized classroom.  The easier they are to put together... the more likely I am to do it with my kiddos... and this packet DELIVERS!

I picked up the Writing Center Starter Kit from A Cupcake for the Teacher... and it's fabulous!  I have been meaning to make one myself for a LONG time...but I just never seemed to check it off of my list.  So, of course, I am thrilled that this resource is cute and saved me lots of time too!

Okay, I am obsessed with the next one!  I admit it... I am totally wrapped up in the mustache craze.  I also really like puns... even though my husband rolls his eyes at every single pun known to man. :) So, it's no surprise that I am totally crazy about Darlin' in First's adorable literature circle bundle.   My kiddos are going to LOVE this! 

As you can see, I'm already working on putting it together.  I still need to hole-punch and add yarn though!  Rebecca used dowel rods for her mustaches... and it turned out super cute.  I decided to color-code mine with colored popsicle sticks to make them match the ties for each literature circle role. 

While we're on the topic of props, I LOVE this Sight Word Packet!  I plan on using it for sight words and spelling word practice!  How CUTE is THIS?  I should have taken pictures of some of the activities when I was in my classroom, but I forgot all about it!  I love the robot mouths!  {I admit... I also bought a timeline and the How-To writing craftivities in her store.  I couldn't resist!}

The next product is my weekend project.  I purchased First Grade Fever's First Day Pictures printables.  Now I just need to go shopping for foam and ribbon!   Sooooooo cute!  

So what deals did you find?  
What was your favorite TpT Back 2 School Sale purchase?
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  1. Holy moly, you did good! You must be so excited to start the new year!

    Peacocks & Penguins

  2. Those mustaches are too cute! Mustaches should probably never go out of style!


    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  3. Yay! Thank you so much for the shout-out, and for picking up my writing center!! ;)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  4. THANK YOU!! I appreciate the shout out so much!! Love ya!!

  5. I loved teaching third grade and switched because we moved, but I sooo enjoy your blog. One of my faves. Our philosophies definitely align - I loved creating projects the kids & I would enjoy while still maintaining the rigorous curriculum. Keep it up, & I will probably be purchasing a few of the same items as you for my first graders. So glad you showed that writing center - it's a must for me! Thanks!!

  6. I love your purchases. I totally agree that everyone needs a little Amy Lemons as well. I purchased a math back to school pack for primary. While I am a middle school math specialist, my girls are starting kindergarten. I know that their school does not have any math support so I am making the pack for their teacher as a little "welcome" gift. :)