Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tax Day Super Savings!

Spring Break has come and gone, but the good news is, IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER BREAK!  A TAX BREAK THAT IS!  Everything in my TpT store is on sale for 15% off TODAY only!  Oh, but it gets better!  LOTS of TpT sellers are getting in on the action, and chances are, many of your favorite sellers are throwing sales too!  Break me off a piece of that... Tax Break Sale!

Don't forget to check out these FREEBIES {& 18 more more} while you're there! :) 

Click to check out the sale... and maybe score a bunch of freebies too!  :)  Happy Tax Day!


  1. Be sure to come over to my blog to link up for your sale. I have a linky started for everyone who is doing a tax sale.

    Tax Day Linky Party!

    Also, I have a question for you...Would you want to trade a product with me and then each of us write a review for the know, like the big companies do? Just thought it might be fun and drive traffic for us...You have lots more followers than me, so I totally understand if you aren't interested. I know I like your stuff, and hopefully you like some of mine. Just a thought. Let me know what you think...yay or nay. Totally up to you! Thanks! Hilary

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  3. I love your blog and have enjoyed using some of your units with my kiddos this year! I am new to the blog world and have my first freebie up, come check it out!

  4. Love your products! I'm also from Ohio!! Would you be interested if I set up an Ohio blog meet-up sometime this summer? It always looks so fun when I read about them from other states! :)

    Second Grade Sugar and Spice

  5. So glad I found your CUTE blog! I will be teaching 3rd grade next year, so I'm excited to use your great ideas.
    I'm your newest follower.
    Treadwell's Math Adventures

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