Sunday, March 4, 2012

Essential Question Posters for Reading Street

I just uploaded posters for Reading Street's Concept Questions and Essential Questions for each story.  I did not include the daily questions, because quite honestly, I only focus on the unit question and the question of the week.  :)  I hope someone else can use them and that I can save you time!  They are FREE at my store, and you can grab your set HERE!  Have a great week, friends!


  1. I love your blog! You are award worthy! Check it out on my blog!

    Teaching with Grace

  2. You have such a wonderful blog. Thank you for always sharing such wonderful ideas. Your kids are so lucky to have you!

    First Grade Brain Sprinkles

  3. I have given you an award. Come on over and check it out!

    3rd Grade Sprinkles

  4. Hello Amanda--
    I found your blog when I was doing a search for "Readers Theatre" and one of your blog posts came up. One area of my work is Curriculum-Based Readers Theatre which, briefly described, is Readers Theatre based on curriculum topics--like Coin Value. I think that you would like the scripts that I have created with students and teachers around the United States and I would be happy to send you copies of my books of scripts, if this idea interests you. You can read more about me and my arts integrated teaching work at my blog--www.DramaticApproachesTo I am trying hard not to make this comment into a commercial, so if my offer interests you, you will find my contact information there.
    Your blog is nothing short of inspirational!
    Rosalind Flynn

  5. I would love to make something similar for my curriculum... How did you make these?