Friday, February 24, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookie Rubric Set-Up

A few bloggy friends were asking about how to set up the floor rubric for my Chocolate Chip Rubrics lesson, so I took a picture today at school!  Truthfully, I have absolutely ZERO photographs from last year, and that saddens me.  We haven't gotten to this lesson YET this year, but I hope this helps with your implementation of the lesson!  I promise to post LOTS of pictures once I teach it this spring!  My kiddos are begging to do this after seeing the pieces and parts, so I suppose I should try to fit it in sooner rather than later, eh?  :)  Anyway, this rubric would be used to taste and rate several different brands of chocolate chip cookies.  The kids rate independently first, then consult classmates.  The groups rate the cookies by placing a Post-It with the cookie's number {or the actual cookie itself} onto the rubric.  This is a very concrete way to introduce kiddos to rubrics, as I have mentioned before, and the cookies serve as a vehicle to help them understand that rubrics rate students based on predetermined criteria.  :)  I hope this helped provide some more clarification!  :)


  1. thanks Amanda, What a great idea to present rubrics. We have a reading project and I grade it on a checklist format...but I may need to change it to more of a rubric style..

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  2. Thanks Amanda.....that was quick! The kids are going to love this!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I use rubrics for everything, and often kids aren't familiar with them. This will be a great start to our year next year!

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