Sunday, November 6, 2011


Okay, I love Christmas!  I really seriously LOVE it.  I do not necessarily endorse Christmas merchandise monopolizing floor space at all of my favorite stores in October... BUT I won't lie.  It gets me pretty excited!  Since I didn't share ANY Christmas goodies last year, I figured that it might be a good idea to post some photos to help with any long-term planning that you may be doing!  I didn't capture everything, but you'll get a good idea of what we did last year.  You're going to recognize a lot of ideas from blog-land... and you'll see how I adapted some of them to fit my intermediate kiddos!  ENJOY!

We made Geometry Christmas Trees... or geome-trees.  :)  Download my directions at the bottom!

We Made Multiplication Mints!  {Thanks Cara!!!  I will totally be making them for phonics this year!)

Shopping for Christmas Gifts!  {A Beth Newingham Lesson!}

I believe this is still available on Beth Newingham's Scholastic blog!

We made Grinchy arrays with the little images in Deanna's Grinch packet.

We made polygon reindeer! {A Lesson Plan SOS idea!}

We had some hot chocolate, wore PJs,  and had a very condensed Polar Express experience lined up in the hallway {train}  to start the day! Our principal punched our tickets... and we spent the day at "The North Pole"... or so it seemed.  :)

We had special visitors!  My thirdsters were sooooooooo excited!

We made Deanna's Grinch craft... so cute!

geometry tree


  1. I am so doing the Multiplication Mints with my thirdsters this year. Great ideas!

  2. Love your ideas! The Geom-tree is so cute. :)

  3. I love the mints! I've made them before with my third graders, and they were a huge hit. To make the smell like mints we poured peppermint extract on cotton balls and wrapped them in plastic wrap and stuffed the cotton balls between the plates.
    Ashleigh's Education Journey

  4. I love that mint activity and the grinch activity. Too cool!!! :)

  5. We just planned all of our December activities this past week. Woah. I'd forgotten how busy (and fun) the month is! Thanks for your ideas!

    Sara Beth

  6. I randomly came across your blog, and I definitely bookmarked it! I am student teaching right now, and I love finding blogs like yours. What school or state is this?
    Amberly Elmore

  7. I've awarded you with the 'Blog on Fire' Award!
    Thanks for always being an inspiration!

    Beg Borrow Steal

  8. Thanks for the ideas!! I love the grinch one! I'm a new teacher teaching in rural alaska (i mean rural like off the road map ten miles from the bering sea) and christmas is a huge deal here so I'm trying to get some good ideas.


  9. Thank you for the ideas. We are fnished geometry tomorrow so I am going to do the trees after Thanksgiving as a review.
    What are the directions for the mints? Is there a link with more information? Thanks!