Sunday, August 28, 2011

Freckle Juice Unit... Posted!

Oh-my-goodness!  It has taken me FOREVER to wrap up my Freckle Juice bundle and post it to my TpT store.  I started it sometime in early July, and then it took a back seat to about a million other things.  At any rate, it is finally finished and ready for your viewing pleasure.

As you know, I have recently made the switch to Reading Street, however I created the majority of my lessons and units B.R.S... {Before Reading Street}.  Essentially, I am slowly trying to make my old, original printables look a little more polished so that I can share my lessons with you!  I taught this unit for about three years, and I know I am going to miss it like crazy this year, because I LOVE some of the activities we do with it.  My old co-worker Debbie influenced this unit quite a bit, since she was the one who introduced me to the idea of using this book to introduce my third grade kiddos to chapter books.  Over time, I took some of her suggestions and gave it my own flair.  Long story short, I adore teaching with Freckle Juice.   It looks like I'll be cooking up ways to try to integrate some of the key concepts other ways to fit with my new curriculum.  :)  Feel free to check out the preview file HERE:


  1. I will definitely have to check this unit out. I teach third and I am always looking for good novels to use. =)

  2. THANK YOU! I can't wait to use this in my room! I am teaching punctuation this week and am wondering if you have any creative, interactive activities to help this "stick!" THANK YOU!!


  3. Want another fun activity to go along with Freckle Juice check out my riddle hunt Look toward the bottom of the page to download the hunt. You need to do it right after page 28 before you read the recipe. My students loved it last year. They also loved the price predictions to go along with it.
    Your ideas look very fun too!

  4. You seriously have the cutest units! You really almost make me want to teach third grade just so I could use this. I will be using your Owl Moon unit though...can't wait for October. :) You're fantastic and creative!
    Rambling About Reading

  5. What time of the year did you usually teach this unit?

  6. I usually start this unit at the beginning of November-ish. I tried to give the kids time to settle in, and we used to work on a few picture books first. I also tried to give myself enough time to complete the unit before Christmas!