Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Donors Choose Blues

I just got an email letting me know that my Making Math Fun with Math Centers proposal on Donors Choose is about to expire in a week, and then I realized that I may not have it funded.  That's kind of a hard pill to swallow, simply because I was sooooo excited about getting math workstations off of the ground this school-year.  I have never had a proposal slip through the cracks, and I have been really lucky to have my literature proposals fulfilled in the past.  I have no idea how everything pans out when you don't have it fulfilled.  I know that all donations to the grant go back to the original donors to put towards another project of their choice.  I don't remember what happens with the "points" though.  Do I lose the point it took to post it?  Can I post it again later to try again?  I know this sounds like a serious pity party... but I also know that I've had a grant funded literally one day before it expired.  I know that not all hope is lost, I just want to know my next course of action if it doesn't.  I'd love to hear from you!  :)


  1. That is sad! I'd say just hold out because it'll happen, but that's a scary thought this late in the game. Anything I've ever posted that is partially-funded always gets fully-funded. I have had a few grants expire that had no donations. I guess I've never really paid attention to the points. I do so many grants every year! I'm not much help with your blues. I hope it gets funded for you!


  2. I just had one expire with no donations and I didn't get the points back. It was my first project that wasn't funded. I had great luck last year (about $4000) but so far this year only one project was funded (about $200). Just keep trying! I don't think you can post the exact same project again.


  3. Hi, I posted my first one and so far I've only got two donations,one from me and one from a friend. I've even printed business cards (for free) from Vistaprint to hand out in town. I have quite awhile for mine to get funded, but I just don't know. Did you change your mind about the sale? I read that post in Google Reader, but I don't see it here. With almost 1,000 followers that idea might work. Best of luck!
    Thanks, Nancy

    The Apple Basket Teacher

  4. I've been in the same situation. My first grant was funded one day before it expired, and my second one fell through. I did lose my point, though. :( I hope someone comes through and saves the day at the last minute!!

    Third Grade Bookworm

  5. Sadly, you lose the points. I have $10 drafted each month and apply that towards grants (sometimes my own, sometimes not), and I've never had that money returned back to me when a grant isn't funded. :(

  6. I donated! Good luck-I had one fall through this past year, but I revamped and reposted. Time will tell!
    Good luck!

  7. Keep trying!!! I haven't had any experience with Donors Choose - I'd like to look into it this summer ;)

    PS: I'm having a giveaway!

  8. Amanda, Yes, you lose the point. I just attended a webinar about getting Donors Choose projects funded. Here is a link to the recording of the webinar (scroll down the page a little): http://www.lauracandler.com/filecabinet/misc.php

    One HUGE point that was made is make sure your grants are for less than $500 (if not $400). Also, take advantage of any special funding. For example, I wrote a $400 literacy grant - I followed the rules for Townsend Press to fund most of it bringing the remaining amount to $98 and an anonymous donor in Indiana funded that $98. The point is that donors are more likely to fund a project that they can finish off, rather than one that has lots of money left to be funded. Hope this all makes sense!