Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Owl Moon Unit!!!

I FINALLY finished my Owl Moon Literacy Bundle after spending two whole days revamping my existing unit!  Yay!   I added a few things, but generally I just made it a whole lot prettier with better clip art.  I have no idea how I ever made it before I was introduced to Scrappin Doodles & Lettering Delights.  :)  Anyway, the unit hits on comprehension skills, fluency, vocabulary, phonics, some writing {since I use this as a mentor text when we're writing personal narratives}, some nonfiction, and I tucked in a little Science nugget too.  You can preview the entire 33 page file HERE, if you're interested.

The Science "nugget" is just a one pager, but it's something you can use if you decide to do an owl pellet dissection.  Yeah, it's kind of gross, because it's basically regurgitated fur and bones, BUT it's such a great lesson!  The kids loved it... aside from the faint smell those little bundles of hair emit.  I've even made peace with the idea, because of the learning value.  Of course, I teach third grade, so my kiddos already understand that some animals eat other animals.  You may want to tread more lightly with younger kids, but I don't know!  There's a great online owl pellet dissection that you can do instead, and you don't even need to spend a dime or search online for bone charts! If you're interested, you can dissect virtually HERE. Last year, I had the opportunity to do the real thing with my kiddos, and they were completely enamored by the experience.  I highly recommend it if you're looking for a way to integrate subjects into your literacy block!  If you can coordinate something with your local wildlife rescue organizations, they may be able to teach your kiddos a thing or two as well!


  1. What a cute Owl Dissection page, Amanda -- Owl Moon is such a great mentor text for all grade levels! As an aside, what fonts did you use on your own pellet page? They are cute!

  2. This look super cute!

    How does Scrappin Doodles work as far as commercial use goes? Is it expensive to buy the license to sell your stuff?? I love their stuff! I just don't want to pay an arm and a leg, ya know??


  3. whoa, that looks so great. love it!!

    mrs tabb =)

  4. Great unit! Love that I can preview the entire unit. Thanks for sharing. looks like yall had fun. Virginia

  5. So glad I just found your blog! Stumbled upon it doing some "teacher blog searches!" I teach 5th grade, so we dissect owl pellets after learning about the skeletal system. I was hoping you'd have some ingenious way to make the smell not as bad :) Guess we'll have to stick to open windows and lots of's so worth it! Owl Brand Discover Kits has some great info on their website, it's free, and can be projected onto a interactive white board.


  6. Emily- Thanks for sharing that idea! I'll definitely look into it!

    Laura- You don't have to buy an additional commercial license to use/sell Scrappin Doodles. :)

    Mrs. Fine- The title is a font called "chocholat_bleu", the picture caption is called "Knits & Scraps", the response section is "Pea Angedawn" {from Amanda & Kevin's pea fonts}, and notes is "Toonish". They were all free fonts.

  7. I just added this to my wishlist! I can't wait to use it with my first graders. I am really excited about the giveaway!