Monday, March 14, 2011

Nest Linky Party!

Oh' Boy 3rd Grade has started a linky party to share photos of your "nests"... aka your teacher desks.  She is also offering a super cute Vera Bradley change purse to a random winner!  (Pick me! Pick me!)  Here's my nest!  :)  Although to be honest, I don't spend much time there.  I pretty much walk laps around my classroom all day!

Here's the good: (minus my teacher tote)

The bad:

The ugly: (under my desk storage & snacks)  I'm cringing!


  1. THANKS so MUCH for joining!!!

  2. Amanda,

    Where did you get the adorable green carousel thingy that you keep markers in (in the first photo)? I could definitely use one of those!

    Thank you!

  3. yall would DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE...i am not sure if i even know where the top of my "nest" is...i think that there is desk there somewhere..i can show ya some pics of what it started like though ;) fabUlous! <3

    ps..yours is AMAZING!

  4. Thanks! I found the carousel at Target last summer. It's supposed to be for kitchen utensils.

  5. Here's what's cooking in my classroom !

  6. OMGosh, you are sooo organized!!! I'll have to clean my nest before I join this linky party.


  7. I'm with Takara. I have been trying to get some control over my nest and I hope to have it done by my next conference time in two weeks.

  8. Your "nest" is so cute! You wouldn't be able to see mine buried under all the paperwork :)

  9. Your nest is sassy!
    I'm thinking that my one boring shot could use some detail. I need to show some of my sass as well.


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