Friday, January 21, 2011

Spelling Fridge & Frigid Ohio!

Greetings from Northeast Ohio... where we continue to go to school even after we get 6 inches of snow! We have a two hour delay today! Woooo!
A typical Ohio winter day... without the additional six inches.
My husband and I made a bet last night about whether we would have a snow day or not.  His perspective:  "Amanda, there is no way you are having school tomorrow.  It's terrible out there."  My perspective: "I can almost guarantee that we will have it.  We may have a delay day, but we will most certainly have school."  Mr. Wonderful was born in Texas and lived in Maryland for most of his life.  He hasn't quite gotten used to the way we Ohioans roll...ahem... plow through snow with our fancy schmancy winter tires and 4-wheel drive vehicles.  Lake effect snow?  No problem.  I think I'm going to talk to the hubby about moving to Florida... I've spent my whole life in a perpetual snow globe.  I'm finally tiring of the incessant snow and ice.  Give me some sunshine!!!

Okay... now for the Spelling Fridge from!  I put this amazing little doodad on my class website, and the kids use it to practice their spelling words.  They love it, and if you catch it at just the right time, you can find nifty little messages on it like this:


  1. Hi Mrs.Nickerson I'm a forth grade student in Miss Bongers class. You have a nice blog.

  2. Thank you Martina! You are very lucky to have Miss Bongers for a teacher! I can tell that she is teaching you everything you need to know in a really fun way! Thanks for the compliment!

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