Friday, December 10, 2010

Expanding Vocabulary Book!

 When I found this adorable mini-scrapbook with our mascot on it, I couldn't resist snatching it up.  It was $3.00 at Big Lots too, so it was a steal! I didn't know what on earth I would use it for, but that seemed trivial at time.  I knew I'd figure something out!  I always do. 


After a impromptu trip to Pat Catans, I walked out with a ton of cute crafty stuff for my classroom, including a few alphabets, scrapbook paper, and stickers to jazz up my book.  While browsing, I found adorable stickers with great examples of figurative language and others to organize by theme.  I am HUGE on writing, and I thought this might help enrich and expand my students existing word banks.  These are just a few snapshots of a handful of pages.  Enjoy!