Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sweet Behavior

I came across Sarah Cooley's "Brownie Points" class reward system a while back, and I thought it was really cute. She uses a cookie sheet and clip art brownies to reward her class for exemplary behavior. Once the pan is full, she rewards her kiddos with a party. Sarah Cooley's Brownie Points
I ran across adorable wooden cupcakes today at Pat Catans, and my mind instantly accessed my mental files on "Brownie Points". They were only $.50, so I couldn't resist stocking up on cupcakes. I was able to instantly create a class behavior management chart by adhering magnets to the back of each cupcake, placing them on a cookie sheet and creating a title: "Sweet Behavior". I'm really excited about using it with my class! They love to eat lunch with teachers, so I'm planning on rewarding them with lunch in the classroom once the pan is full! This project is a piece of... (cup)cake.


  1. #1 - I LOVE the cupcake idea! This past summer I was obsessed with cupcakes!

    #2 - Was that really your wedding photo? You're gorgeous!



  2. #1 Thanks Natalie! I saw the cupcakes at Pat Catans (my most favorite craft store). I originally was going to use a dowel to make a pointer, but they were so cheap and cute! I couldn't resist putting a new twist on Sarah Cooley's "Brownie Points"!

    #2 Thanks again! Yes, that's my wedding photo! We were lucky enough to nab an uber talented couple to photograph our wedding. I'm in love with our photos, hence my shameles begging in blog land to win a canvas!

    #3 I love your blog! You have great ideas... I've already borrowed a few! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This was a great idea, thank you. I made one with clip art cupcakes for my daughter and posted a link back to your blog and Sarah Cooleys for credit. ~Diane